Learn Window Tinting

One Full Hour Long Video

only $29.99

"Tint your own car, tint for your friends and family or start your own business"


Why Spend $100's of Dollars on a "Start your own Business" Program?

I have seen other sites selling these programs for several hundred dollars.  This would be money well spent when you consider the money you can make in your window tinting business.  I can tell you from personal experience as the owner of M&M Window Tinting (mmtint.com) that we get an average of $200.00 per car.

How much can you make?

If you do just one car per day at $200.00 you will be bringing in $1000.00 per week.  You can easily do this just working 5 days a week part time.  Once you get going with word of mouth and working full time you should bring in over $2000.00 per week.



What you'll learn in the video

  • Roll down windows - One of the hardest things about tinting roll downs windows is getting a good even cut on the top edge then getting the bottom of the film past the bottom seal.  We show you an easy technique that works on all cars

  • Cutting patterns - We show you the easiest and fastest way to cut film patterns on cars.

  • Rear windows - I'll be honest with you, tinting the rear window is not easy.  This is why we spend most of our time in the video to tinting rear windows.  Every professional shop uses heat shrinking to mold the film to the curve of the window using a heat gun.  We developed a "dual technique" for heat shrinking that takes a bit longer to do but,  is much easier to learn.  Our unique "dual technique"  involves both "dry" and "wet" heat shrinking, and by combining the two techniques it is the safest and most complete way to teach a beginner how to get a complete shrink (which is very important).

  • Windshield visor - This is the strip along the top of the windshield, we teach you how to add a nice sporty visor to your car.

Special Bonus

At the end of the Video we have what we call "tips and trick"  We show you how to cover up or fix common mistakes that all tinters make.  This will save you tons of time and wasted film.


What this video is NOT

This is not a professionally made video.  We took a video camera in our own shop at M&M Window Tinting and shot tons of video footage.  If you're looking for a beautifully edited video then don't buy our video.  If you are looking for a video that will really teach you how to tint cars then get this video


The best Video you can get

Our video was made with the beginner in mind.  This means we assume you know nothing about window tinting.  For example, we teach you how to peel the liner off the film, this is how basic we get.  We hold you by the hand and take you step by step through the window tinting process


How you'll learn

We didn't just take video footage of some guy tinting a car.  Just watching someone tinting a car is a tough way to learn  the unique thing about our video is not only do you watch someone tinting a car but you have constant narration. This is like having your own personal mentor telling you exactly what's going on as you see it.  There are a lot of details that your eyes don't pick up when watching someone work,  but, when you have someone explaining the details of what's going on it's a much better way to learn.

This video was made to take a complete beginner, someone who's never tinted a car before, and teach him or her how to tint,  this is an hour long video of pure knowledge, completely narrated in an easy to learn format.  All this for only $29.99.